Jake Gallen

Host of The Jake Gallen Podcast, Co-Founder of Nativ Research, Entrepreneur and emerging leader in Las Vegas.

Over 40,000 audio downloads across 75 countries.

Formerly known as “The Guest List Podcast”, The “Jake Gallen Podcast” features leaders, creators, and innovators from across the Crypto industry.

Crypto & NFT's
Co-Founder of an independent Web3 Research Firm.

Nativ Research is a Blockchain consultation and research firm that is focused on accelerating crypto adoption in Las Vegas among offering private services including advisement, research, and project management.


As we move into a digitally native creator economy it is important to showcase your message through a variety of mediums. From publications to content creation to speaking engagements, your identity is your digital footprint.

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Just a young las vegas native who’s wanted more than the standard Las Vegas “Industry Life”. We started as a lifeguard and now we here.

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