Jake Gallen

CEO of Emblem Vault, Host of Jake Gallen's Guest, and Las Vegas native.

Jake Gallen's Guest List Podcast
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Formerly known as “The Guest List Podcast”, The “Jake Gallen Podcast” currently features leaders, creators, and innovators from across the Crypto industry.

Crypto & NFT's
A Crypto Entrepreneur

From first discovering Ethereum during the summer of 2016 Jake has dabbled in all facets of the blockchain industry. Losing it all in 2018, Auctioning off MoonCats at Sotheby's Auction House in 2021, Leading the Vegas Blockchain Movement, and now working at Emblem Vault, learn more about Jake's journey through Web3.


Jakes has hosted over 250 podcasts, been featured on over 50 podcasts, spoke on stages across the country, and been featured international publications. Our digital identity is how the world views us in the modern day society. View Jake's appearances and awards over the past five years.

Learn more about Jake and his entrepreneurial journey.

Just a young Las Vegas native who has longed for a life that is more than the standard Las Vegas “Industry Life”. We started as a lifeguard and now we here.

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