Jake Gallen's Guest List

Talking with like-minded entrepreneurs & creators. Covering Crypto, Entrepreneurship, Mentality, and occasionally Las Vegas.

About the Podcast

Jake Gallen's Guest List has received over 40,000 audio downloads reaching 75+ countries and spanning across 1800+ different cities across the world. Launched in April of 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic and a city wide shutdown in Las Vegas, the podcast has featured a variety of 200+ guests from a wide variety of backgrounds, interests, and endeavors. The show is a weekly, unscripted, and long-format podcast that is conducted in-person or remote, based on the guest’s location.

Notable Guests

From April 14th, 2020 - Dec 31st, 2021 the podcast was known as “The Guest List Podcast”, which focused only on Las Vegas creators, leaders, and entrepreneurs across the desert valley. Within a year the show quickly became a top 6 Vegas Podcast (Entrepreneurs Magazine) and became a go-to outlet for publications, media organizations, and emerging leaders to find a voice in the city. During the podcast’s Vegas focus the show featured some of the greatest leaders the city has to offer including:

Moving into Web3

On January 1st, 2022 Jake announced a rebranding of “The Guest List Podcast” to the “Jake Gallen Podcast” with the intention to expand the show beyond Las Vegas, network with entrepreneurs in similar industries, and share new information with his existing audience. It comes at no surprise that the newest focus of the show surrounds Crypto & NFTs due to involvement in the industry since early 2017 and locally in Las Vegas.

Beginning at episode 180 the “Jake Gallen Podcast” has made a shift towards featuring leaders across the Crypto industry. The Web3 focus has featured some exclusive leaders in the space including: