A Web3 Adventure

My Crypto Journey

I first discovered cryptocurrency during the summer of 2016, when I came across Ethereum and was completely mind blown by the idea of smart contracts. Unfortunately, like most, I didn’t make my first investment until I discovered Bitcoin during the spring of 2017. Everything clicked and life was never the same since. I went down the infamous Crypto “Rabbit Hole” and spent hours upon days of time consuming information, investing up to 90% of my networth into crypto at the time. 2017 was a life changing year for me and in 2018 I took a huge gamble and lost. I took everything I had made in 2017, ALL 100% OF MY LIFE’S NET WORTH into an ICO and I got rugged……hard.

Over the next 3 years I spent hours everyday consuming as much information as possible. Following updates, new tokens, price fluctuations, and knowing that this was 100% the future. I always knew that I wanted a life in crypto but wasn’t sure what exactly, so I remained patient.

Then the NFT Gold Rush of 2021 came into play and changed my life again. MoonCats were rediscovered in March of 2021 and it all clicked. As a former Antique Store owner, digital artifacts made complete sense. From then on I lived a non-fungible life. In October I was the first person to sell MoonCats at a traditional auction house Sotheby’s!

With the booming industry of Crypto and my rising local podcast, I found an intersection with Nativ Research, a Crypto consultation firm that is focused on, but not limited to, bringing mainstream blockchain adoption in Las Vegas. We found major success from the beginning because we knew Vegas is poised to become an international Blockchain Hub. We strive to be a local leader in intelligence, strategy, networking, ideation, and trust!

Recently my journey landed me a full-time position and partnership with Emblem Vault, a Web3 tool that allows digital assets to trade across all blockchains without the requirement of a bridge. This new endeavor includes operating the NFT arm of Emblem Vault, as well as assisting in increasing Emblem Vault's awareness to the larger crypto ecosystem.

Mooncat Series

by CatDad

Nativ Research was a Web3 consultation and education firm that focused on accelerating crypto adoption in Las Vegas among offering private services including consultation, incubation, and project management.

Some of the project management services included:

Concept Creation to Implementation
Creative Ideation Construction
Budget Consultation and Fundraising Strategy
Tokenomics Strategy
Front-End Web 3 Development
Smart Contract Development
Strategic Marketing Strategy
Utilization of Professional Blockchain Network
Migration of Existing Web2 to Web3 Training
Staff Education and Training
Community Management Consultation
Education of Market Dynamics
Roadmap Construction
Nativ Research hosted Blockchain Meetups at the Harry Reid Research & Technology park from 2021-2022. During those two years the meetups received attention from the City of Las Vegas, NV Gaming Control Board, UNLV, MGM, Caesars, and numerous local Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs.

Emblem Vault
(Nov 22' - Present)

On November 15th, 2022 Emblem Vault announced a long-term partnership with Historical NFT Community Leaders Jake Gallen & Adam McBride. As new team members are positions include Branding, Marketing, Education, and Senior leads on Emblem Vault's NFT arm. Over the long term a team goal is to build an Historical NFT Marketplace and bring further liquidity and awareness to digital assets across all blockchains.

As of November 2022 Emblem Vault has traded 40,000+ ETH across all NFT Marketplaces, distributed across 7,000+ unique owners.